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Congressional Candidate Campaigns With Graphic Abortion Pics

WASHINGTON, D.C.  (WUSA) -- The Republican candidate for DC Delegate in the U.S. Congress is using abortion, along with graphic images of abortion, as the main platform of her campaign.

Missy Reilly Smith, just released graphic ads scheduled to air this week on local television stations. She's using these ads to introduce herself as a "champion for unborn babies," according to the 30-second political commercials she's already posted on her website.

Smith used part of that time to call out democrats she says "support the murders of babies."

One of the candidates she names in the ad is her democratic opponent, Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, who is also the incumbent.

Del. Norton called Smith "A far right fringe candidate."

In a statement released to the media Norton added:

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$4.25 For a Gallon of Regular Gas? Virginia Avenue Exxon Might Be Definition of "Highway Robbery"

Gasoline in D.C., as well as across the United States, is incredibly expensive right now. The closest gas station to my home in Cleveland Park is charging $3.09 for a gallon of regular.  While you can find certain stations in the city offering gas at a significantly cheaper rate, even those spots are pretty pricey.

I think the most inexpensive gas in the city that I've seen has been about $2.65 for a gallon of regular.  I get it...gas is expensive, and it's something we as residents have to deal with.

But when I was passing the Exxon at 2708 Virginia Avenue, next to the Watergate at the border of Foggy Bottom and Georgetown, the numbers on the price sign were simply staggering.

Just under $4.26 for a gallon of regular gas.  Just under $4.55 for supreme. 

Trial Begins In Death Of DC Intern Chandra Levy

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Jury selection began Monday in the murder trial of a man accused of killing federal intern Chandra Levy nearly a decade ago, a case that derailed a California congressman's career and generated headlines around the world.

Ingmar Guandique, 29, is charged with murder, kidnapping, attempted sexual assault and other counts. Authorities say he attacked Levy while she was jogging alone in Rock Creek Park in May 2001.

Levy's disappearance -- her body was not discovered until more than a year after she went missing -- caused a national sensation when she was romantically linked to then-Rep. Gary Condit, D-Calif. Authorities once considered Condit a prime suspect but no longer believe he had anything to do with her death.

The Halt to Foreclosures will have an impact to DC area homeowners

Recently, there has been a halt to foreclosures on homes where the mortgages have fallen into default. The onus has been put on the lenders to prove that they have the right to foreclose. Judges have started dismissing foreclosure actions against homeowners as it has become clear that the banks do not have clear title or standing to foreclose.

What this means to struggling homeowners is that they now have an opportunity to challenge banks that may not have been helpful in the loan modification process. Very few homes have been successfully modified under the HAMP program and the blame for this is being laid right at the banks front door. From the entire modification process being characterized as unhelpful to downright deceptive, this moratorium on foreclosing will give homeowners a chance to negotiate favorable terms with their lenders.

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Don't Let The Costume's Fool You

WASHINGTON (WUSA) --It looks more like a costume party than a sports competition as the eight women pose for their pictures.  But the fact of the matter is they're all about to engage in something pretty unique.   Would you believe they were all dressed up to arm wrestle?  "Being in an arm wrestling competition is pretty much as far from my normal life as you could possibly get," says Andrea Kavanagh, who works for an Environmental company. 

Parents of Hardy Middle School Students Outraged After Minors Subjected to Graphic Sex Survey

Parents of students at Georgetown's Hardy Middle School knew that the DC Public School system would provide their children with sexual education courses.  They just didn't think said classes would involve such graphic content.

This past Tuesday, during a sex education session ran by Metro TeenAIDS, a DCPS contracted organization, 7th grade Hardy students were administered a survey to determine the extent of their sexual knowledge.

Parents feel as though the survey crossed the line and that the questions were inappropriate.

For example, students, some of whom are just 12 years old, were asked if they knew "the difference between oral, vaginal, and anal sex" or if they could “correctly put a condom on (them self) or (their) partner".

According to parental accounts, one student actually asked what the various sexual acts were, at which point the Metro TeenAIDS facilitator explained what they all meant.

Come Celebrate! 100th Anniversary ENGINE COMPANY No. 23 — 1910-2010

This article as well as the photo were sent to us by Susan Trinter and was originally published in the Foggy Bottom News:

In 1910, the residents of Foggy Bottom prevailed upon the city for a new fire station.

Built at 2116 G Street NW (across from the historic Grant School/School Without Walls), Engine Company 23 is one of three fire stations constructed in the District prior to World War I and granted landmark status in 2005 by the Historic Preservation Review Board.

A focal point of the Italianate-styled architectural exterior is the arched door for the fire vehicles, originally pulled by a team of horses (Engine Company 23 was the last to rely on horsepulled equipment). When you visit, the building design may not really sink in until you go inside and look out. The tall (FBN guesses 30 feet) doors that open to reveal (alas, no horses) Engine 23 positioned for the next call in its role as a first responder.