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Condoms Connected To Your Character? | News

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Condoms Connected To Your Character?

WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- "Join The Rubber Revolution." It's an attention-grabbing website title the DC Department of Health hopes lures people to practice safe sex, in a city marred by its staggering HIV rates.

The site is in seven different languages, including Spanish, French and even Chinese. However, the message is the same in every dialect: use condoms, prevent the spread of disease and unwanted pregnancies.

www.rubberrevolutiondc.com also has quirky quizzes, seemingly unrelated to a person's sex life. For example, the "What Kind of Condom Are You?" quiz asks you questions about how you order food at a restaurant.

"Today is the day that you join the Rubber Revolution, a new movement in
DC to take condoms out of hiding. We want to get those rubbers out of
your wallet, remove them from your purses and pull them out from under
the beds of every ward in the city," the website boldly states.

With a more than 3% HIV rate in the District, Department of Health officials are hoping just the conversation of safe sex saves a couple of lives.


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