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Congressional Candidate Campaigns With Graphic Abortion Pics | News

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Congressional Candidate Campaigns With Graphic Abortion Pics

WASHINGTON, D.C.  (WUSA) -- The Republican candidate for DC Delegate in the U.S. Congress is using abortion, along with graphic images of abortion, as the main platform of her campaign.

Missy Reilly Smith, just released graphic ads scheduled to air this week on local television stations. She's using these ads to introduce herself as a "champion for unborn babies," according to the 30-second political commercials she's already posted on her website.

Smith used part of that time to call out democrats she says "support the murders of babies."

One of the candidates she names in the ad is her democratic opponent, Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, who is also the incumbent.

Del. Norton called Smith "A far right fringe candidate."

In a statement released to the media Norton added:

"The D.C. Republican Party did not endorse a candidate for Delegate this year, but any registered Republican could run under D.C. law.  Paul Craney, the Executive Director of the D.C. Republican Committee, spoke for residents when he said, according to a Washington Post blog, 'I asked her not to run for it...because she said she wanted to put up ads about abortion on TV.  It wasn't really a campaign.  It's just ads about abortion.  If you want to run a campaign, it's about giving a different set of ideas that's about schools, that's about crime, that's about spending your money better...Her tactics seem to be out of sync with the city."


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