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Casey Trees To Plant 52 Trees In Georgetown | Environment

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Casey Trees To Plant 52 Trees In Georgetown
Casey Trees To Plant 52 Trees In Georgetown


This notice comes to us from Jared Powell:

Casey Trees will plant 52 residential street trees in Georgetown in a partnership with Trees for Georgetown and the Urban Forestry Administration (UFA). 32 trees will be added before Thanksgiving followed by 20 more in March.

Trees for Georgetown selected the planting sites and corresponding tree species from a list potential locations identified by the UFA.

Casey Trees will plant the trees and hang water and tear resistant tree care instruction tags to help residents properly water and care for their new trees. Additionally, Casey Trees will water each tree in the summer and provide structural pruning as necessary the second year they are in the ground. Trees that fail during their first year will be replaced the following planting season.

Trees for Georgetown raises funds year round to purchase and plant trees for its residential streets each year. The organization has donated a portion of those proceeds to Casey Trees to help offset the cost to purchase, transport and plant each tree.

“Together, Casey Trees and Trees for Georgetown are educating the public and promoting a new desired specification for street tree boxes,” said Jim Woodworth, Director of Tree Planting at Casey Trees. “The streetscape in Georgetown is changing to provide trees more space to grow, ample access to stormwater and protection from possible damage and litter debris.”

In addition to sponsoring the planting of new trees, Trees for Georgetown funds the purchase and installation of custom‐made wrought iron fences around each newly planted tree. The three-sided fences will shield trees from debris and potential tree damage and will be installed this winter.

The first planting will include a variety of tree species, such as London plane, American elm, river birch, sweetgum and purple robe black locust. The March plantings feature five species of oak: Nuttall, Shumard, bur, overcup and swamp white.


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