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Cutting board roach, rat droppings, & restaurant closures | News

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Cutting board roach, rat droppings, & restaurant closures

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA9) -- An all American hamburger chain closed and restaurants with roaches and rodents.  Those and five other suspensions in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.

Click here to see photos from this week's Restaurant Alert and hundreds of other DC area closures.

Inspectors temporarily closed: Cafe Asia, 1720 I Street, NW, DC; ConeE Island, 2000 Pennsylvania Ave, NW, DC; Paul Bakery, 2000 Pennsylvania Ave, NW, DC; Johnny Rockets 2000 Pennsylvania Ave, NW, DC; Fu Lin Restaurant, 2235 Bel Pre Road, Wheaton, Md.; La Mexicana, 13016 Middlebrook Road, Germantown, Md.; China Sub Shop, 6561 Ager Road, Hyattsville, Md.; Kent Deli and Fish Market, 7535 Landover Road, Landover, Md.

All the establishments except Kent Deli and Fish Market passed re-inspection and are back in business.

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China Sub Shop
In Hyattsville, inspectors closed China Sub Shop on Ager Road for a mice and roach infestation. 

The owner, Zong Chen, apologized for the incident and told WUSA 9 he recently fired his pest control service and was trying to manage it himself with mouse traps and then the inspector arrived.

Mr. Chen said, "She find a dead mice, like nearby the trap and that is when she got really upset and say 'I'm going to close you down for a day, you need to clean everything out.'"

WUSA9 did not find any evidence of rodents when we looked around.  The owner said he fixed all the other violations and is in compliance.

Kent Deli and Fish Market

In Landover, inspectors closed Kent Deli and Fish Market for operating without hot water.  When we arrived, we found the place locked up with padlocks on the doors.  According to the inspection report, the store will be closing voluntarily, permanently.

Fu Lin Restaurant

In Wheaton, inspectors closed Fu Lin Restaurant on Bel Pre Road, citing 11 violations. 

Officials reported potentially sickening food holding temperatures like chicken, beef and shrimp observed at 50 degrees to several mice droppings observed in the storage area and the prep tables and prep line being grossly soiled.

La Mexicana

In Germantown, inspectors closed La Mexicana on Middlebrook Road, citing 14 violations including operating with inadequate refrigeration and unsanitary conditions like very sticky and soiled areas of the restaurant.

La Mexicana's owner, Rai Sawney, would not allow WUSA9's cameras in but said someone accidently left the refrigerator door open right before the inspector arrived and the unit is cooling properly now. 

Cafe Asia

In the District, inspectors closed CafĂ© Asia on I street, citing 20 violations including a dead roach observed on a cutting board where food is being prepped and rat droppings. 

Inspectors cited the restaurant and night club for no hot water and improper food temperatures like raw shrimp at 58 degrees and salmon and tuna at 55 degrees.

In the heart of Foggy Bottom, inspectors closed 3 restaurants in one stop at The Shops at 2000 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW.

Johnny Rockets

Inspectors closed Johnny Rockets, citing 5 violations including mold observed on the ice machine and not staffing a DC certified food safety manager.

The manager, Allan Balbuena, told WUSA9 he's nationally certified in food safety and didn't realize the District required its own safety card and he thought he had 5 business days to comply.

Mr. Balbuena said, "I went straight to the health department, got my card, show him my card, he reopened the store."

Paul Bakery

Next door, officials closed Paul Bakery citing 10 violations including a hand washing violation and food temperatures, such as ham at 43 degrees and chicken at 52 degrees. 

When Paul Bakery management showed us around the facility, the refrigerator was cooling at a safe 40 degrees.

Inspectors also cited the bakery for not having a DC certified food manager.

A manager said his employee was renewing his food safety manager's card and he was under the impression he had five business, not 5 calendar days, to comply.

Cone E Island

In the same shopping area, inspectors also closed Cone E Island ice cream citing no thermometer for the ice cream freezer and no DC certified food manager.

The shift manager we spoke with said, "It was just like a managerial thing and once he got that certified, he was retested and once that got reissued, we opened the next day."

All the establishments except Kent Deli and Fish Market passed re-inspection and are back in business


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