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How much would it take for your to change your last name? | News

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How much would it take for your to change your last name?

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- How much do you like your last name? How much cash would it take for you to give it up? 

A Northwest D.C. couple says they'll gladly change theirs for charity, but wait until you hear their new name-to-be. 

I'll give you a hint, if they were playing Scrabble, their new potential last name would net them 36 points. It's an 18-letter behemoth. And they say they'll gladly take it on, but only if you help them raise enough money to help hundreds, maybe thousands of needy children. 

Meet Jeff and Jessica, no last names please. Yet. 

Jeff shared the genesis of the idea, "We were just sitting around having dinner one night and I suggested we do something crazy." Jessica added, "If we do this  it's going to make a huge impact on other people's lives."

No simple 10k or fund-raising car wash would do for this Washington web developer and lawyer. They decided in order to change the world, they'd promise to change their name. Yes, that means a lot of paperwork, and yes, the name is long. Jessica wondered, "Can you imagine spelling this on the phone with customer service?"

The couple partnered with Oxfam America to ask for donations to help alleviate extreme poverty. They say a little can go a long way. Jessica says one fact floored them, "The number of kids who die every day from preventable diseases could fill a football stadium."

The goal? A million dollars. The name? It's something else: Van Squigglebottoms. Yes, Van Squigglebottoms. Jeff shares, "Van Squigglebottoms been around forever in our family as a joke."

It's just a funny name Jeff made up one day. The couple started 2 months ago, with much lower sights. Jeff originally set the bar at $1,000. Jessica adds, "We would already be the Van Squigglebottoms if he got his way!"

Admittedly, they have a long way to go. And if you're wondering what their real last names are now, so am I. Jessica explains when they'll reveal them, "We're waiting until we reach $500,000 dollars, the idea is that we want to keep the focus on the charity." I tried. 

Fair enough.  Want another secret? The married pair say while their passionate about their cause, they wouldn't mind if they fell a dollar short. Jessica explains, "$999,000, if we reach that our mission will be complete."

If you want to help Jeff and Jessica become the Van Squigglebottoms: click here.

 They say even a dollar can help. Their deadline is December 31st. 


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