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Downside To Energy Boosters | News

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Downside To Energy Boosters
Downside To Energy Boosters

BETHESDA, Md (WUSA) -- Photographer and event planner Sol Tucker runs Push Media Group. He spends long days tracking down celebrities or hitting major DC sports and entertainment events. To keep going on those busy days Sol reaches for something to give him a little extra.

He has tried 5-hour energy and red bull but likes energy gels the best. These gels are really made and marketed for marathon runners and endurance athletes.

Max Lockwood manager of Chevy Chase Running Company told us, "These companies have come along and created digestible energy for them. Sugar, carbs, protein and electrolytes to fuel muscle. So they can go a little bit longer without cramping up or breaking down."

Sol isn't alone many consumers have embraced the energy boosting market, which now includes bars, gels, chews, even jelly beans. But George Washington University Hospital register dietician Sherry Berg said most of us simply don't need them.

"You know these runners who use these bars and these gels really need it for their muscles and the rest of their bodies." She added, "For an everyday person going to work if they just planned out their meals they can really get all the nutrients they need and all the energy they need from regular food."

Berg also told us you can over do the caffeine with energy drinks and shots that can spike heart rate and make some people jittery. And when it comes to energy bars some are almost exactly like candy bars. The gels and chews are also mostly sugar. Berg said there are better nutritional options for the same amount calories you consume the energy bars and gels.

Fruits and vegetables are a great source of energy with a fiber booster. Bananas are good to have after a work out because of all the potassium. If someone really wants something sweet dark chocolate covered almonds is a great option the combination of carbohydrates plus protein and healthy fat from the nuts. Instead of energy drink or shot stick to black coffee.

Sol Tucker said he does eat healthy, but he still swears by his gels.


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