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Earlier Closing For Metrorail On Weekends? | News

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Earlier Closing For Metrorail On Weekends?
Earlier Closing For Metrorail On Weekends?

WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- Facing a $72 million budget shortfall, the Metro Board is considering a number of options to close the gap, including the potential of closing its rail system at midnight on weekends.

The system currently operates until 3 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights.

"I think what the Board is doing is examining a variety of options that the manager gave us in the budget, and we gotta figure out. The $72 million can be closed with fares. It can be closed with additional subsidies. It can be closed by changing services. He gave us a bunch of service change recommendations to look at. We need to examine them. We need to understand them," said Mary Hynes, the Arlington County representative on the Metro Board.

Business owners dependent on late-night trade see the proposal as an economic killer.

"You will see business close. When businesses close, you will have people who won't want to move into those neighborhoods. It's a domino effect," said Bill Duggan, the owner of the Madam's Organ bar in the Adams Morgan section of DC.


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