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Woman's Leg Falls Though Metro Escalator | News

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Woman's Leg Falls Though Metro Escalator

WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- At least two people who watched the Foggy Bottom escalator buckle during rush hour Friday morning say they feared one passenger was going to lose her leg. 

The escalator saga overcrowded the underground platform after the ascending escalator started suddenly descending, according to one Metro employee who witnessed the incident.

He tells 9NEWS NOW when the stairs buckled, the escalator was overcrowded and many people were shoved backwards onto the platform. 

Another witness tells 9NEWS NOW that's when he saw at least five steps at the bottom of that buckled escalator fall into the gaping hole underneath.  A woman's leg fell through and many witnesses say they feared for her life.  She was able to gain ground and pull herself up, according to witnesses.

"I was downstairs and I saw a couple people fall as the stairs collapsed," said Reggie Stovall.  "There's an  open space underneath the escalators and a woman's leg was caught in that open space along with the stairs the escalator.  Luckily she was able to pull her foot out and escape.  She was pretty frazzled. It was scary."

The Metro employee told 9NEWS NOW that woman refused treatment and it did not appear anyone else was hurt. 

More witnesses wrote letters to the website DCist providing detailed accounts.

"Looking down from where I was standing, the escalator basically had a 4 foot rift between the bottom of the escalator where the stairs were still intact to the actual entrance of the escalator," wrote one woman. 

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority could not confirm any specifics of witness accounts.  A spokesman told 9NEWS NOW no injuries were reported to the station manager.   

They confirmed an investigator with the Tri State Oversight Committee was called. The organization is tasked with reviewing safety concerns on Metro.


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