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Downside To Energy Boosters

Downside To Energy Boosters

BETHESDA, Md (WUSA) -- Photographer and event planner Sol Tucker runs Push Media Group. He spends long days tracking down celebrities or hitting major DC sports and entertainment events. To keep going on those busy days Sol reaches for something to give him a little extra.

He has tried 5-hour energy and red bull but likes energy gels the best. These gels are really made and marketed for marathon runners and endurance athletes.

Max Lockwood manager of Chevy Chase Running Company told us, "These companies have come along and created digestible energy for them. Sugar, carbs, protein and electrolytes to fuel muscle. So they can go a little bit longer without cramping up or breaking down."

Woman's Leg Falls Though Metro Escalator

WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- At least two people who watched the Foggy Bottom escalator buckle during rush hour Friday morning say they feared one passenger was going to lose her leg. 

The escalator saga overcrowded the underground platform after the ascending escalator started suddenly descending, according to one Metro employee who witnessed the incident.

He tells 9NEWS NOW when the stairs buckled, the escalator was overcrowded and many people were shoved backwards onto the platform. 

Another witness tells 9NEWS NOW that's when he saw at least five steps at the bottom of that buckled escalator fall into the gaping hole underneath.  A woman's leg fell through and many witnesses say they feared for her life.  She was able to gain ground and pull herself up, according to witnesses.

Want to be a Campus Correspondent for Spring Sports Season? Apply Now!

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) -- Are you a high school student who loves sports, TV and shooting video?  If so, the Campus Correspondent program is right for you, especially if you're interested in winning a college scholarship!

Electronic Device Theft Problem On Metro

Electronic Device Theft Problem On Metro

WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- New crime statistics show a growing number of riders on Metro are getting their cell phones stolen. 

The problem is so bad that Transit Police are issuing a reminder to people about how to keep their electronic gadgets safe.  In 2010, there were roughly 1,000 electronic devices stolen and 60% of those thefts were right out of owners' hands. 

The new Metro crime report also shows that 76% of all robberies on the transit system are theft of electronic devices. 

J.D. Stier tells how it almost happened to him in what police call a classic case.

New Healthy Eatery to Open in Clarendon

New Healthy Eatery to Open in Clarendon

South Block Blends will open its doors in Arlington this upcoming summer and offer customers a unique combination of grub: burritos and smoothies. Amir Mostafavi, the owner, said, “South Block Blends will offer “West Coast Style” fresh fruit smoothies.” What is “West Coast Style?” I am from San Diego, and I was even stumped. Mostafavi says, “This means natural ingredients and no sugar or sweeteners added!”

For the last 8 years, Mostafavi has had a store on the George Washington University Campus in Foggy Bottom.  “I love smoothies and I wanted to pair them with another food that people love, burritos! But, I wanted to give the burritos a healthy spin to complement my smoothies,” said Mostafavi. The burritos are kept healthy by using whole-wheat tortillas, brown rice and low-fat cheese.

Bridging the Generation Gap in Egypt and the American Workplace

The historical transfer of power in Egypt has seen the departure of an entrenched 82-year-old dictator and a movement toward a democratically elected government where young Egyptians will have a major voice in politics and policies of the future.  A major key to a successful transition that will allow Egypt to move forward as a stable, innovative nation lies in respect and understanding between generations.

The same is true with American businesses.

Innovation is the intersection of the past and present that leads to the future.  That’s why it is so important that business leaders publicly acknowledge the contribution of each generation, applaud the unique strengths brought to the table by workers of different ages, and encourage everyone to share their viewpoints as a way to make a strong team even stronger. 

Earlier Closing For Metrorail On Weekends?

Earlier Closing For Metrorail On Weekends?

WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- Facing a $72 million budget shortfall, the Metro Board is considering a number of options to close the gap, including the potential of closing its rail system at midnight on weekends.

The system currently operates until 3 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights.

"I think what the Board is doing is examining a variety of options that the manager gave us in the budget, and we gotta figure out. The $72 million can be closed with fares. It can be closed with additional subsidies. It can be closed by changing services. He gave us a bunch of service change recommendations to look at. We need to examine them. We need to understand them," said Mary Hynes, the Arlington County representative on the Metro Board.

Business owners dependent on late-night trade see the proposal as an economic killer.