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Local ‘Housewife’ creates Concert 4 Japan with Some Imagination and Determination | People

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Local ‘Housewife’ creates Concert 4 Japan with Some Imagination and Determination

This story comes to us from Shelly Zocchi?:

All that was needed was a location and entertainment and the event would take off.  With a simple email to concert promoter, Midnight Sun Company, the company behind local cover band phenomenon Burnt Sienna definitively stated, “I like the idea,” and the rest was history!


The concert is being held at Arlington hot spot, Clarendon Grill on April 7th at 5pm. Concert 4 Japan has grown by word of mouth with wishful thinking and strategically placed social media campaign.  Lindy Promotions came on board just in the nick of time and helped boost this no name show to credible fundraiser status just with a simple brand name and support from Mr. Dave Lindy.  Now all promotional materials have a catchy title “Lindy Promotions and Midnight Sun Company Present – Concert 4 Japan…”  Not only is Lindy Promotions on board but other high profile companies have donated items to be raffled off including DC101, Hilton Hotels, Austin Grill, Frizzles Hair Salon, and Old Town Deli.


One of the next big pieces of the puzzle was finding the right charity to donate the funds.  After visiting the Cherry Blossom Festival and finding out about the Japanese Embassy’s Japan Information and Culture Center, Shelly decided that contacting the Japanese Embassy might be the best route to try.  When contacting the Embassy and hearing about their direct account that was established for the Japanese Red Cross Society, it was then decided this was the best and most direct way to contribute 100% proceeds to the cause.


With the event happening tomorrow, the Concert 4 Japan team is up against a tight schedule with t-shirts being designed with no budget.  Although getting through to local media and businesses has been a rough ride, the spirit and motivation of why this concert is happening has been infectious to all around.


In between raising her two infant daughters and working as a government contractor, Shelly found time on the weekend to go door-to-door and persuade local businesses to donate.  With the event happening tomorrow and t-shirts fresh off the ink press, a nervous excitement fills the air.  Will anyone come to the event?  Will all her efforts pay off?  This we will only find out on Thursday, April 7th from 5pm-close when Clarendon Grill opens its doors for Concert 4 Japan.  The event will keep even the least willing participant involved with raffle prizes, sets from dj2nutz and the headlining band, Burnt Sienna, rocking the house.  The goal is for the local community to do its part in raising awareness and donations to support the people of Japan and help rebuild a country devastated by loss and destruction.  It is only a small part to play but the role is a satisfying one.


Tickets at the door are $5 with all proceeds going directly to the Japanese Red Cross Society through the Japanese Embassy.


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