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Finding Benefits or Seeing Faults

    After listening to Tal Ben-Shahar lecture on Benefit Finders and Fault Finders, I am more aware of the impact this perspective has on our lives. I’ve noticed in myself, my clients, friends, family, and business associates an inclination to view others in terms of finding either faults or benefits. Do we see stumbling blocks or stepping stones? These are choices we all make every day.

     Do we look at the stars each night or take them for granted? Do we appreciate our family, our work, and our every day? Do we take people, our health, and life for granted or do we celebrate all of these incredible gifts? Are we embracing life or living by avoiding?

     Benefit Finders focus on the positive. When you focus on the positive, the good appreciates. When our focus strays to the negative, the good depreciates while the negative is accentuated. 

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FREE Linkedin & SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Workshop for Mortals! May 24th 12 (noon) & 6:00 pm

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The Downtown D.C. Bathroom Dilemma

The Downtown D.C. Bathroom Dilemma

It was just the other day that I was walking around Downtown D.C. near Dupont when I suddenly felt the need to go to the bathroom.

We've all been there in that awkward state, the state of needing to use a restroom away from the confines of our home or office.

Well, that was me.

About a minute after the urge struck, I reached the corner of 18th and M.

There stood Caribou Coffee, in all its glory, an establishment that many people know for serving up fine brew, but a place that I know for having spectacularly clean bathrooms.

Please don't think I'm really weird and that I have some kind of city-wide index of clean bathrooms...I just knew this fact because I have been there before. 

Anyway, I went into the shop, headed straight for the loo, relieved myself, and walked out.  

Donna Cryer, First Patient Elected Chair Of The American Liver Foundation


This story comes to us from Mike Wilson:

New York, NY:    The American Liver Foundation announced this week the selection of Donna Cryer as Chair of the Foundation Board of Directors.  Mrs. Cryer will be the first patient to hold the office and the first female chair since the founding of the organization in 1976. 

DC Workforce Incentive Program Contracting & Job Opportunities


These events come to us from Tony Robinson:

WASHINGTON — In a continuing effort to recruit qualified workers for upcoming school modernization construction projects, Mayor Vincent C. Gray announced in February an informational workshop for contractors and two job fairs for DC residents looking to participate in the pilot Workforce Incentive Program (WIP).


Little Things Make a Big Difference

    Leadership is an act that takes place in three areas of our lives: in our work environment, our personal environment, and in our community.

     Recently, while facilitating a leadership training, I shared the DVD titled, 212°, because I found its message both inspiring and motivating. After the presentation and then again at our lunch break, many of the participants continued to discuss, interpret and then envision how the information would be helpful. I continue to marvel at how little things, do indeed, make a big difference. 212° tells us there is very little that separates the good from the great. The difference is, many times, only a single degree!  This simplistic truth has vast application for all of us.

Ward 2 Budget Meeting Tonight

Tonight, Monday, May 9, there will be a Ward 2 budget briefing regarding the 2012 fiscal year.  

The event will take place at 7:00 p.m. at the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church,  located at 1315 8th Street NW.