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What Would You Do With $300 Million?

What Would You Do With $300 Million?

So, D.C....who's about to get RICH?


The Mega Millions jackpot has now surpassed the $300 million mark.  The jackpot now sits at an estimated $312 million, up from $304 million, with the next drawing coming tomorrow, Friday, March 25.


$4.56 For A Gallon Of Gas in Foggy Bottom

$4.56 For A Gallon Of Gas in Foggy Bottom

You remember that Exxon station that I posted a story about back in October?  You know, the one on Virginia Avenue between Foggy Bottom and Georgetown that was charging $4.25 for a gallon of regular gas?

Well, they're at it again.

As you can see in the photo above, the current price for regular gas has been raised to a whopping $4.56 per gallon, plus gas is $4.68 per gallon, and supreme costs $4.85 per gallon.

My question is how much higher will it go?  


“Diane Sawyer: A Life in News” on the Next Kalb Report, March 22, 8 p.m.

“Diane Sawyer: A Life in News” on the Next Kalb Report, March 22, 8 p.m.

This story comes to us from Jill Sankey:

WASHINGTON – Diane Sawyer, anchor of ABC’s “World News,” joins legendary journalist Marvin Kalb to share her insights on the transformation of journalism, the state of the evening news and gender barriers in the newsroom. The forum will take place on Tuesday, March 22, at 8 p.m. in the main ballroom of the National Press Club (529 14th St., NW, Washington, D.C.).


"Diane Sawyer has done it all,” said Mr. Kalb.  “She is a terrific anchor and reporter who has covered domestic and foreign policy issues with depth and style, a rare combination. I can't wait to talk to her about our crazy business and even crazier world."


Local Women Star in New Television Show Focusing on Style and Lifestyle in DC and Hunt Country

Local Women Star in New Television Show Focusing on Style and Lifestyle in DC and Hunt Country

Episode one of Style in the City, a show that's all about styleand lifestylein and around the Nation's Capitol, first aired this week. And if you have access to Fairfax Public Access Chanel 10, it should be easy enough to catch or DVR (since it's showing more than thirty times this month!).

The show's cast comprises Leesburg resident, Leigh Macdonald, DC's Stefanie Ball, and two Middleburg women, Cindy Bapst and Elizabeth Miller. The show's director, Kristin Rustom, resides in both Middleburg and DC. The show focuses on distinctions between the life in the District and life in nearby Hunt Country, and much of the first episode was filmed on location at Delaplane Cellars in Delaplane, VA.

"Where You Live" D.C. Tweet Of The Day

"Where You Live" D.C. Tweet Of The Day

We surfed Twitter for some of our favorite Tweets of the day about D.C..  To get more noticed for selection in future WUSA9 "Where You Live" D.C. Tweets of the day, hashtag posts with #wusaWYL.

Check out today's nominees and vote for your favorite in the poll below:

1. @DJ_Recio: "36 bucks for parking 2 hours!! @#%^ you dc !"

2. @IAm726Muzik: "so the ab ripper on the p90x has wore me out for real!!!...now i gotta get ready 4 the conclusion of my day all in DC...work and #DANCE

3. @jaz_zi17 "Ppl riding bikes in the streets like its a car, dc I will neva understand!"

4. @amieparnes: "Attention DC Dudes: Pls report to the Library of Congress where, wait for it, Jessica Alba and Bridget Moynahan will be arriving shortly"

5. @mattfwood: "Only in DC would someone call getting a goal mentioned in a speech an "achievement" before anything is done to reach the goal."

Childhelp’s Capitol CAREaoke Rocked the Reagan Building to Fight Child Abuse

On Tuesday night, the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center was rockin’, thanks to a host of journalists, politicians, and sports personalities. The room was busting with a who’s who crowd, and they were all there for one common [and very commendable] purpose: to raise money and awareness in support of Childhelp's fight against child abuse and neglect. The event—dubbed CAREaoke—is an annual affair that benefits the organization, and while award-winning journalist Rebecca Cooper (WJLA) was the evening’s hostess, she is also the event’s founder.

Bridging the Generation Gap in Egypt and the American Workplace

The historical transfer of power in Egypt has seen the departure of an entrenched 82-year-old dictator and a movement toward a democratically elected government where young Egyptians will have a major voice in politics and policies of the future.  A major key to a successful transition that will allow Egypt to move forward as a stable, innovative nation lies in respect and understanding between generations.

The same is true with American businesses.

Innovation is the intersection of the past and present that leads to the future.  That’s why it is so important that business leaders publicly acknowledge the contribution of each generation, applaud the unique strengths brought to the table by workers of different ages, and encourage everyone to share their viewpoints as a way to make a strong team even stronger.