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"That's A Lot Of Bags": D.C. Residents React to Bag Tax Netting $2 Million

D.C. city officials say the plastic bag tax netted a total of about $2 Million this year.  

Check out the video above to see how much D.C. locals guessed the tax brought in, and their amusing reactions when they heard the official number.

Star Quality: R&B Sensation Mýa Calls Upon DC's 8112 Studios

Star Quality:  R&B Sensation Mýa Calls Upon DC's 8112 Studios

Just off her charitable weekend in the District, Grammy Award Winning Mýa was back in Washington this week to bring a little Hollywood to our Nation’s Capitol with her new music video, “Love is the Answer”.  When seeking where and who would shoot her video, DC’s very own 8112 studios was the obvious “answer” to the singer.  “It is important for me to continue to put D.C. on the map because DC is where I come from, these are my roots which have molded me and influenced me so I love to bring attention and notoriety to my hometown.  D.C. is traditionally associated with just politics but D.C. has so much more.  D.C. has great restaurants, nightlife, great art and a melting pot of culture.  D.C. is the next market to blow up,” said Mýa.

Wiki Leaks and Whistleblowers: Why Private Information Goes Public

Ask an average person to name a whistleblower and they’re likely to think of ‘private citizens’ like Erin Brokovich, Karen Silkwood, and Jeffrey Wigand or journalists like Carl Berstein and Bob Woodward.  These red, white and blue American whistleblowers have been portrayed in Academy Award-winning movies as admirable people who had the courage to reveal wrongdoing in workplaces and government agencies in a spirit of justice.  

But are there other motivations that drive people to release sensitive documents and information that bring down companies and governments?  I believe the answer is yes.  Fame is certainly a motivator...and so is vengeance.  Employers in the private and public sectors that stubbornly refuse to acknowledge the link between employee engagement and corporate security are likely to find themselves the victims of leaks. 

What Sport Makes The Best Movies?

What Sport Makes The Best Movies?

A recent preview of the new Marky Mark film The Fighter provoked a discussion among many of my friends that generated the question, "What is the best kind of sports film?" Many people have ranked sports movies over the years, and have done so in various ways: some by the individual sport, some lump all sports together, and some by sports movies starring Kevin Costner. I am a fan of both sports and movies and am therefore, by the transitive property, a fan of sport movies. To paraphrase Crash Davis:

Almost One Year Since Opening Big Chair Coffee Shop Benefitting Community, Battling Recession

Almost One Year Since Opening Big Chair Coffee Shop Benefitting Community, Battling Recession

“Two or three years ago, (Anacostia) was not as we see it right now.  There’s a lot of progress around here,” Bantamlak Yimenu said as he peered out onto Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue from a corner table in Southeast D.C.'s Big Chair Coffee Shop. “There’s a lot of big change coming up.”

Almost a year ago now, Yimenu and his sister kicked off that change when they opened Big Chair, the first true sit-down coffee shop East of the Anacostia River.

“There are a number of people who live in this neighborhood who want gourmet coffee, (and a) gourmet coffee shop,” Yimenu said.  “Instead of going across the River to get that kind of place, we’ve brought it here.”

Foggy Bottom Gas Station Customers React to Increased Prices Locally and Nationally

As the holidays approach, gas prices throughout the District, and throughout nation for that matter, continue to spike.  As of today, December 7, D.C.’s average cost per gallon of regular gas was $3.07, according to GasBuddy.com, while the average for the entire United States stands at $2.96.

“It’s kind of crazy that I came across town to save ten cents on gas,” said Katherine Klos, who had gone out of her way to pump gas at the Sunoco station at the corner of 22nd and P Streets in Northwest.  “It doesn’t make traveling that exciting this time of year.”

Hire Me!: A Young Professional’s Journey To Get A Job In D.C.

This is the first in a series of Where You Live articles tracking the progress of a young professional in D.C. searching for a job. 

Lucas Beard scratches his head, adjusts his glasses, and goes back to furiously typing a cover letter on his laptop from inside the cozy confines of the Port City Java coffee shop in Eastern Market.

“It’s hard to make yourself stand out,” says Beard, a 22-year-old Colorado native, who graduated from The George Washington University this past May and has just moved back to D.C. with the hopes of finding work in one of the worst job markets in the history of the United States.