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Panda cam LIVE after shutdown | Pets

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Panda cam LIVE after shutdown

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- For the past 16 days, panda lovers have gone without their beloved National Zoo Giant Panda Cam thanks to the shutdown.

Now that the government is reopen, the panda cam is up and running again. The 15 different cams at the National Zoo require federal resources, primarily staff, to operate and were deemed non-essential during a shutdown. 

Zoo staff says the cub passed several developmental milestones since the cam went dark. 

She weighs 5 pounds, up from 3.07 pounds at her veterinary exam Sept. 26. She also has partially opened her eyes. Keepers noticed that her right eye had started to open Oct. 4. By Oct. 11 both her eyes had partially opened. Her ears are also fully open and she now reacts to the noises she hears in the panda house. 

The cub will not be able to walk until she is about four months old. Zoo officials say the cub is strong enough to push herself up on her front two legs.

Mei Xiang, the cub's mother, is also doing well. She is leaving the cub for longer periods of time to eat, drink, interact with keepers. 

Look at these photos to see how much the cub has grown during the shutdown. 

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