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Planning Ahead Makes Evacuation Easier During An Emergency: DDOT Tells You How

Planning Ahead Makes Evacuation Easier During An Emergency: DDOT Tells You How

The earthquake earlier this week, and the ensuing traffic and Metrorail delays in the hours afterward, have generated quite a bit of conversation in our region about how we should approach evacuation procedures in the future. Fortunately, we were spared anything that could be called "devastation" compared to calamities which have taken place elsewhere (unless you are using the word ironically to mock the entire East Coast). However, the event did serve as a sort of "fire drill," and now, with local residents gearing up for Hurricane Irene, the District Department of Transportation and others are trying to get information out to prepare people for how to deal with transportation during emergencies.

Amtrak Service Cancellation

From AlertDC:

Amtrak and USDOT report that all rail service south of Washington D.C. has been cancelled from Friday through Sunday, due to expected impact from Hurricane Irene.  Amtrak will make further announcements regarding service as the storm progresses.

Metrorail to Resume Normal Operations

As of 5:00 a.m. this morning, metrorail has resumed normal operations. Extensive testing was done overnight last night after the 5.8 quake that shook the Washington D.C. area. WMATA's full release is available here.

HOV Restrictions Lifted for Today

According to VDOT, the HOV restrictions have been lifted (this afternoon only) for 66, 395, and 95.

Should This Have Been A Ticket?

Should This Have Been A Ticket?

Welcome to yet another edition of "should this have been a ticket" featuring, you guessed it, yours truly.

So the other day I was driving in Downtown D.C. and I needed to drop something off at a building in Foggy Bottom.

There were plenty of parking spaces available and I pulled in a little less than a block away from the building.

I didn't have any coins and contemplated going to a CVS to pick some up.  I decided against that, though, after thinking there was no possible way a parking enforcement officer would find my car at an expired meter during the few minutes I was inside.

I went inside, dropped off my item, and came back outside in a span of no more than five minutes.

Then, to my amazement, I saw a parking officer down the block walking around my car and checking out the meter.

I start to sprint like a mad man, calling to the potential ticket writer.

Metro Track Work Planned for the Weekend of August 12-14

Metro Track Work Planned for the Weekend of August 12-14


Metro's rebuilding efforts will continue this weekend on the Red, Orange, Blue and Yellow lines. The work will begin around 10 p.m. tonight and continue through closing on Sunday, August 14. 

*Here are the complete details!